BasketMouth Uncensored 2015 “Goodluck was there for 6 years, all they did was steal money” (Video)


Basketmouth is currently touring the US with his popular BM Uncensored show; and this past weekend, SK Entertainment and Afromood Entertainment presented the Houston, Texas segment of the show.

Basketmouth has always been fearless and would say anything unimaginable during his uncensored shows, and this year again, like never before, he delved into politics a little bit, and still kept it as raw as ever. He brushed a little bit on his recent tweet regarding President Buhari not being a magician and that he has only been at the position for 2 months; Yet Nigerians continue to expect drastic and immediate changes, which they did not demand from his predecessor ex-president Goodluck Jonathan.

It is nice to see a Nigerian comedian exercising their freedom of speech unlike before where everything is censored because of dictators and military rulers.. Nigeria as a democratic country has certainly come a long way; and here is what the Comedian said about the former president:

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“Goodluck was there for 6 years, all they did was steal money.” in emphasizing the level of corruption during GEJ’s administration, he made reference to an Olympics stadium, that was going to cost $1 billion usd, and the host country in Asia was freaking out; while 1 single woman in Nigeria “stole $20 billion, which means that lady can actually build 20 stadiums”

Watch the funny video below:

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