Woman crashes her car while enjoying herself with sex toy

sex toy
See the rubbish people do on the roads, can’t they wait, resist the urge and go to their house or lodge in a hotel and enjoy themselves. Read below what this lady was doing in her car.

A woman caused a minor traffic accident recently because she was pleasuring herself with a sex toy.

The woman, described as being in her 30s, was reportedly driving her Mini when she suddenly lurched forward and shunted a stationary van being driven by a M&J Seafood employee.

The driver of the van later explained that it was his first day on the job and when he was later called into the company office, based in Cirencester, he feared he was about to be fired.

However his bosses told him that he wasn’t to blame as the incident had been caught on CCTV – and that the film had caught something… interesting.

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The CCTV footage apparently showed the woman exit her vehicle holding a pink ‘Rampant Rabbit sex toy’ and hurriedly doing up her trousers.

A source told Mirror ‘The bosses told him it wasn’t his fault and then said, “Have you seen this?”. He was like “what the f**k?”. They all had a good laugh.”’

Before you get excited, the company say they will not be releasing the ID of their driver or the CCTV footage.


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