Too Bad: Nigeria spends N3.50 daily to feed one prisoner


The Nigerian prisoners just got the daily feeding allowance increased from N2.10k per prisoner to N3.50k by the new Comptroller-General of Prisons, the Legal Defence and Assistance Project (LEDAP) has revealed.

“The truth is that many prisoners supplement their meals because all kinds of businesses and activities go on inside the prisons,” said Mr. Obiagwu, National Coordinator, LEDAP.

“If you allow Nigerian prisoners to survive on their ration, they will all die.”

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There are about 56,000 inmates scattered across Nigerian prisons, according to Mr. Obiagwu whose organization champions the rights of Nigerian prisoners.

“A lot of philanthropy goes into our prisons, churches like the Catholic church, The Redeemed church carry out on regular prison visits to improve the welfare of inmates,” said Mr. Obiagwu.

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