Chelsea Fans are the least passionate in the league on Twitter – Social Media Study


A recent survey by Shine Communications has found Chelsea fans have been ranked as the Premier League’s “least passionate” on Twitter.

Shine collected their data by keeping tabs on the number of Tweets sent by fans mentioning their clubs, and in turn assessing the proportion of said Tweets that qualified as ‘happy’ or positive – with the total number of followers each of the teams in the top-flight last season had also being factored into the results.

These stats were then used to extrapolate a “Twitter noise” score for each team. After doing so, the communications agency found that Chelsea ranked right down at the very bottom of all 20 Premier League clubs, joint-last with the equally miserable Stoke City fans.

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From the top of the table, the fans ranked as “most passionate” were newly relegated Burnley top the research, and by a very good margin, with Everton second place.

See the table below:

chelsea -table

Credit: whoateallthepies

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