Nigerian Tycoon Emeka Offor, Donates $10 Million To Fight River Blindness


Nigerian magnate and philanthropist, Sir Emeka Offor, donated $10 million to the Carter Center to help fight river blindness in Nigeria by 2020.
Nigeria is the country worst affected by river blindness, with about 40% of the world’s cases.

The gift—the largest the Carter Center said it has ever received from an individual African donor—comes at a critical time and could spur a push to eradicate the disease, Mr. Carter said in remarks after a signing ceremony here Friday with Mr. Offor.

The donation highlights the emerging role wealthy Africans are playing in fighting diseases that hinder economic growth in their countries. Mr. Offor, 56 years old, is executive vice chairman of the Chrome Group, a conglomerate with holdings in oil, gas, insurance and other sectors in Nigeria and elsewhere. The donation for river blindness is the largest he has made for a health cause. Through his foundation he has also given $3.2 million to eliminate polio in Nigeria, prevent maternal and child deaths and address other issues.

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Source: WallStreetJournal


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