New york prison break escapees yet to be found after 6 days





In New York’s recent history, almost every prison escapee was captured within 24 hours.

According to Cnn; Almost every escapee, except for Richard Matt and David Sweat, who were on Day 6 of their run from authorities early Friday. Read Full Story Here

But tracking dogs picked up their scent, and authorities are hopeful they will capture them before the week is out.

“If this is an actual true lead that the dogs are following on, we hope to be successful in the next 24 hours,” Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie said Thursday night.

State data show that of the 29 inmates who fled between 2002 and 2013, only one was free for more than two days.

Authorities have been looking for Matt and Sweat since early Saturday morning, when they were discovered missing from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora.

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This 6 days chase has been the longest in recent histories of a prison break.

Amid the mayhem, the search is narrowing down. It appears the escapees stopped at a sandwich shop not far from where they escaped.

Investigators are looking at surveillance video from a gas station about a mile away from the prison.

Tracking dogs picked up the scent of both prisoners at the station and followed it east toward the town of Cadyville, Wylie said. The gas station has a Subway sandwich shop, and the two might have been rummaging for food in the trash bin, authorities said.

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