Cancer to be detected via Urine

Researchers at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Medical Center – University of Freiburg have developed an approach for detecting breast cancer by means of urine samples. The method involves determining the concentration of molecules that regulate cell metabolism and that are often dysregulated in cancer cells. These molecules, referred to as micro RNAs, enter into the urine over the blood. By determining the composition of micro RNAs in the urine, the scientists succeeded in establishing with 91 percent accuracy whether a test subject was healthy or diseased.

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The measurement was possible through the detection of only four micro RNAs. If the effectiveness of the method is confirmed in further studies, it could serve in the future as a means of monitoring the success of treatment and potentially also of making an early diagnosis of breast cancer.

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The Freiburg scientists published their findings in the journal BMC Cancer and have applied for a patent for the method.


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