Juliet Ibrahim recounts her experience over the deadly Floods that hit Ghana

juliet ibrahim

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim, wrote on her instagram about the devastating floods that hit her and her cast crew in Ghana last week. She thus, thank God for their lives.

She wrote:

Exactly one week today, Whilst filming #ewhas my new tv series my cast and crew were all inside this house located in Trasacco area and the wall broke down , house and compound was flooded and water level was as high as our waist. Cars were damaged, equipments damaged but we thank God for our lives and we made it out of the compound through the flood leaving everything behind. The following day we went back there and we found out alligator was inside the house; my body creeps knowing we walked through the flood and such animals were loitering around as well. May the souls of the departed of the tragic flood rest in peace. Amen! By the way, all the tenants of the estate is leaving the estate for the landlord to occupy by himself we thank God for revelation because it could have been worse.”

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