5 Perfect Reasons Why You Need A Romantic Vacation – ASAP


JUST the kind of TLC your relationship needs!
Most of us have never-ending sources of stress in our lives. That’s just life. How we manage the stress in our lives and all the ups and downs is important. However, if we don’t pay attention, all that outside pressure from work, family and other obligations takes a major toll at home—where we have the most intimate and important relationships. Although this is the space where we feel our safest, often times, it takes the biggest hit.

Sure, you’ll do lots of little things along the way to keep an even keel, but once or twice a year it’s smart to give your relationship some serious TLC and plan a vacation. In fact, I consider getaways relationship-mandatory.

Here are five reasons why romantic getaways are SO essential for long-term happiness in your relationship.

1. You have nothing to think about except each other.

No traffic. No bills. No work. If you have kids and are lucky to have family to watch them for a few days, take advantage and leave them home. A few days alone helps couples feel like a couple again. When you reconnect, you create greater intimacy and have more time to talk about life in a different way.

2. They break up the monotony.

Life’s routines—which are necessary in their own way—often become too routine. The result? Boredom. Relationships can easily slip from the front of the line to the back.

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3. You have something to look forward to.

The planning process is fun and eventful as you work together to find new places to explore and things to do. You remember, “We’re in this together.”

4. You create NEW memories.

Collecting experiences and memories brings us greater joy and happiness than collecting things. The whole point of a romantic getaway is to have fun, and you’ll have something to smile about, even when you return home.

5. You deserve it.

You work really hard. You handle a lot. Now it’s time to put some much-needed energy back into yourself and your relationship. And while it’s wonderful to jet off somewhere warm and beach-y, the place you go is almost beside the point. As long as you’re focusing on each other, you’ll get an instant relationship reset and feel closer than before.

So, take a moment, look ahead and start planning your next getaway. You really do deserve it, AND your relationship needs it!

source: yourtango

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