A Scottish Pensioner places £30,000 bet on Conservatives election majority, wins £210,000


A pensioner has won £210,000 after placing a record-breaking election win for the Conservatives to triumph at the polls.

The £30,000 wager predicted the Tories would win a majority vote in Thursday’s election.

And after David Cameron’s party claimed a victory, bookmakers Ladbrokes confirmed the lucky punter will now collect £210,000.

The 7/1 bet, made at a branch in Hope Street, Glasgow, is believed to have been the largest made on this year’s General Election.

Alex Donohue from Ladbrokes said: “We believe our customer in central Glasgow has also become the biggest election winner of the entire campaign and we tip our hat to his political forecasting skills.”

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According to the company the wager was placed last month in “crisp £50 notes”.

The customer will also collect his original wager, meaning he is due to collect a total of £240,000.

At the time the bet was made the bookmaker had odds of 25/1 on Labour winning more than half the seats, compared with 1/8 for the election resulting in no party having an overall majority at Westminster.

Source: StvNews

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