The Game gives a Lucky Stranger $1,000 (Video)

the game

Los Angeles rapper The Game, was in Atlanta and he ran into a guy that just came out of jail who had no money. But, wanted to see his family, so the stranger got lucky and The Game him gave $1,000 on the spot.

The Game shared on his instagram, video of the encounter and wrote below:

“Stopped at a gas station soon as I got to the ATL & a nigga hopped off the Greyhound & said he was fresh outta jail headed back to New Orleans to surprise his mama before #MothersDay so I offered him a job & told him after he get home…. If things don’t go as planned, call me & I’ll give him a job…… Left him wit $1,000 to look out for moms for #MothersDay too !!!!!!”

“Part 2: Stopped at a Gas Station in the ATL to use the restroom & met Donald fresh outta jail headed home to see his momma in time for Mother’s Day & I gave him $1,000, my # & offered him a job…. & the look on his face been on my mind all night. A regular young black man like a lot of us.. just excited to have another chance at life outside them walls & ran into someone who could help his situation a little… Hope by now, you made it home & surprised moms… Know she was happy.. I asked him what you gone do with that rack, he said spend $500 on flowers for my momma & use the rest to get a phone to call yo ass bout that job after Mother’s Day… Hope to see you soon Donald. Stay up !!!”

Watch the video:

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