David Cameron wins UK Election, as Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage all Resign

David Cameron

The Main Highlights:

The Conservatives win a shock majority in the UK election.
David Cameron promises to “bring UK together“.

Ed Miliband quits as Labour Party Leader after “disappointing” night.
Ed Balls the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer loses seat.
Labour crushed by SNP, with nationalists winning 56 of 59 seats in Scotland.
Lib Dems routed, big names ousted, – but Nick Clegg holds his seat and quits as leader of Liberal Democrats.
UKIP gets 13% of vote but Nigel Farage quits as leader after missing out on seat.

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Chuka Umunna
Chuka Umunna

Mr Miliband pleads for his Labour party to conduct a civilised leadership contest. Chuka Umunna – of the Nigerian Igbo ethnic group is now the bookies’ favourite to succeed him, with Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper both also strongly.

David Cameron will meet with the Queen at Buckingham Palace for briefing and to form a Conservative led government.

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