Nigerian Drug Trafficker Executed in Indonesia Today Sings Gospel Song Passionately (Must Watch Video)


The eight people who were executed in Indonesia on 29 April 2015. Top row from left (including two of the Bali Nine): Australians Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, Nigerian Okwuduli Oyatanze and Nigerian Martin Anderson. Bottom row from left: Nigerians Raheem Agbaje Salami, Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise, Brazilian Rodrigo Gularte and Indonesian Zainal Abidin by firing squad after midnight on Wednesday local time in Indonesia for trug trafficking.

Mary Jane Veloso was spared from the execution, hours before she was supposed to be shot along with eight men.


Read, as written on his Youtube Page:

“During my last prison ministry in Indonesia, I had the privilege to serve Okwudili.

Nigerian Okwudili Ayotanze was born April 18 1974 in a devout Christian family.
Returning to Indonesia in January 28 2001 he was arrested at Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatta Airport for possession, and the judicial court sentenced him with death penalty.
Relatives and close friends found it hard to believe the incident, given his good character and hard working reputation. His inmates found blessings in him through his counsels, prayers and praises.

God You Know All My Ways was composed and written by Dili to call upon God and to give warning to others, giving an example of his life that they should be strong, of good courage and be aware of the devil’s traps.

At the release of his CD (Sept. 2008), God U Know, Dili has been 7 years behind bars calling the Lord in repentance with over 70 written songs. We pray and hope that his CD will be of great blessings to many.

GOD U Know expresses the true regrets of one, not unlike any of us, whos fallen and in search of mercy from God and fellow men. God’s unfailing love has once again proven in Okwudili’s beautiful and touching music and words that call for others not to fall in the same trap as he did.

Let us all pray that mercy from justice will exempt him from capital punishment, rather make full use of his extraordinary talent to open the eyes of many in the road of darkness.”

Watch the video and share thoughts below:

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Okwudili Ayotanze – God You Know (All My Ways)

Photo source: theguardian/youtube

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