South Africa not happy over Nigeria’s recall of Ambassadors amid xenophobic attacks

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South Africa has condemned Nigeria’s decision to pull senior ambassadors from the country amid a growing wave of xenophobic attacks on foreigners and foreign-owned businesses over the last month.

A statement from Nigeria’s foreign affairs ministry said Acting High Commissioner Martin Cobham and Deputy High Commissioner Uche Ajulu-Okeke had on Saturday been asked to return to the country for consultations on the attacks.

The decision to withdraw the two was an unfortunate and regrettable step, said Department of International Relations and Co-operation spokesperson Clayson Monyela.

“If this action is based on the incidents of attacks on foreign nationals in some parts of our country, it would be curious for a sisterly country to want to exploit such a painful episode for whatever agenda,” he said.

South Africa remained committed to creating a strong bond and bilateral relations with Nigeria.

“It is for this reason that when 84 of our citizens perished on Nigerian soil, we did not blame the Nigerian government for the deaths and more than nine months delay in the repatriation of the bodies of our fallen compatriots, or for the fact that when these bodies eventually returned, they were in a state that they could not be touched or viewed as required by our burial practice,” said Monyela.

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The 84 were part of a group of 116 that were killed when a guest house of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, headed by TB Joshua, collapsed in September last year.

Source: news24

[ says: South Africa should not compare xenophobic attacks – which are man made hate crime to the tragedy of the South Africans that died in the collapsed guest house of the Synagogue Church of All Nations. South Africa government need to be grateful that World leaders have not reacted sternly to the shameful xenophobia attitude sweeping their country.]

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  1. Lol! what mockery! who the hell do these Nigerians think they are?? before attacking our government for childish actions of a few individuals deal with your own skeletons…..where are those kidnapped girls?? what about Boko horam? isn’t our army that was deployed to your country to help you with Boko…ungrateful!

    just let them cut ties with us we wouldn’t care less

    1. Stop your dumb ranting, if Nigeria cut off trade deals with South Africa do you think you guys will survive?
      This shows you support xenophobia you anon. 5.16, the people of Nigeria & our government do not support terrorist. You fail to forget terror is a global war, you should be angry with your leaders for creating hate on foreigners and not jobs for your weed smoking jobless youths.
      No country is an island. You lucky the world is not reacting massively.

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