First Ever HIV home testing kit to launch in the UK

HIV self testing kit goes on sale
The First Ever HIV home testing kit to launch in the UK.

The world’s first ever HIV self-testing kit is being launched which can offer a result within 15 minutes after a pinprick of blood.

This test is more than 99.7% accurate and could help identify the estimated 26,000 people in Britain who have HIV but don’t know it.

There are currently home blood tests but they need to be posted off to a lab with a five day wait for results, and one available in the states which uses a mouth swab which is far less accurate.

It will be sold online for £29.95 directly from its producers, BioSure, or through the NHS but it will not be sold on the high street to protect the anonymity of its users.

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Brigette Bard, BioSure founder and CEO said: “Knowing your HIV status is critical and the launch of this product will empower people to discreetly test themselves when it is convenient to them and in a place where they feel comfortable.

“We passionately believe that we can help to reduce HIV infection rates.”

Culled from: Metro

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