Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo says she was kidnapped and tortured on the orders of her Dad

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The fiery Nigerian media and political commentator Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo says she was kidnapped and tortured by her father, ex-Oyo state governor Victor Olunloyo. She has been absent from social media lately and decided to change her name to Kemi Lawrence.

Read what she wrote on her facebook below,

Thank u everyone.
I was kidnapped, tortured, gun held to my forehead
Tasered and a knife held to my throat. This happened on March 26th 2015 and I did not vote in any of the elections. I was hospitalized. All this happened on my father’s orders.
The amazing thing is that I have forgiven him at 80. Nobody called him April 14th, but may God bless him. He taught us to tell the truth and that is all I did with ‪#‎OmololuOlunloyo80‬ Thank u to the Nigerian Police who arrived with a lorry full of cops taking me to the CP after I called him to tell him about 17 strange men in our compound. OYO chief of police Mohammed Katsina knows the long history of my dad using police to harass everyone being a powerful political public figure.
They had already taken me away. So police could not rescue me.
Power must never be abused.
I have forgiven u dad.

Kemi Lawrence
@hnnafrica online

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