Open Letter To TIME Magazine On Shekau Making 100 Most Influential List



Dear TIME Magazine,

Shekau is not influential in my country, the basis of this statement and ranking amongst the most popular positive great Nigerians you mentioned in that list makes it even more difficult for me to understand, how would you call a man who has killed over 15,000 of my people as influential? How would you call a man the world has called mad influential?
This is a man whose image has been generally of terrible reckoning and the you call him influential? I don’t understand the basis for that, if you wanted a list of most influential wicked terrorists in the world, if shekau tops that list, I would never have any problems with that, I would understand if you compiled a list filled with members of ISIS, alshabab and other terrorist groups we Nigerians would understand that.
Nigerians have converged together as one to hate this creature, our people have come together to make sure we normalize this situation. You put up some positive Nigerians on this list, like Our Baba, Obi Ezekwesili, we thank you for this, but why Shekau or what ever pseudonym he chooses to be called is on this list is what I still find very hard to understand.
Please times magazine don’t give this lunatic of a man any international recognition he doesn’t deserve, that’s the basis of their ill killings, they want worldwide coverage, they want the world to know about them, by putting them in a list like that makes their propaganda message more pronounced, think about a little child who is being taught to be a terrorist somewhere in Iraq, Iran or Libya, do you know what they have to say to him now?
Hi Habeeb, do you see our brother terrorist in Nigeria? He is among the 100 most influential people in the world, do you want to be influential too someday in the world? This is the right path! It gives them fuel to someday be on this list! Please times, take him out of this list and replace with a positive Nigerian!

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Thank you…..
Bakare A.A for @wecarewelovenig


Source: Omojuwa


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