Obi Somto writes Open letter to Models that think he wants Sex from them

obi somto

Nigerian Photographer, Obi Somto, who in popular for exotic photography wrote on his instagram below. Well, we wonder which models are upsetting this guy for him to write this open letter to them..

Read below:

“So ehn, I’m definitely feeling some type of way today. Got to mummy’s yard just now, well I’m around the corner.

It’s no secret that I’m a very sexual person, I’m also very upfront and straight, and most passionate about my photography. My passion and love for photography trumps my desire for sex any day any time!

I’m sharing this cause I’ve had several convos with several girls who have thought I wanted to f* them! This is primarily because of the way I talk about my photography and ofcause the known fact that I am very sexual! Some of these girls have been bold enough to tell me they’re not going to f* me, some just keep their assumptions to themselves and back out. Thing is they are all assumptions and they’re in your head! If I want to f* you be rest assured I’ll tell you, you wouldn’t be uncertain about it, you would know for sure!

You see ehn, I’m not generally sexually attracted to the model body type, as much as I don’t have a type but I prefer to have my girls little, please what will I do with all those Long model limbs? Sha sha sha, in the rare occurrence in which I’d want to f* you and photograph you, I would tell you and try to f* you! Like I said, rare occurrence, and it means I want to f* you more than I want to photograph you, I’m sorry, but this is my reality, it’s who I am and I’m not ashamed nor apologizing for who I am.

I’ve seen/photographed more naked girls than I will ever f*! My mummy’s couch has laid more girls than I will ever lay. That’s okay, I’m not jealous, I’m happy with the balance… D* with standards uno, lol. I’m yet to f* anyone I’ve photographed, maybe I will someday, maybe I’ll never. It’s ok. If I want to f* you though, I will let you know! Have that in mind…”


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