Look at the New Mercedes-Benz Pickup (Photo)

Benz Pick Up image

Guys get ready, Mercedes-Benz is going to be making a new first ever pick-up truck.

The Mercedes-Benz pickup will allegedly be called the GLT, and it won’t be “a fat cowboy truck.” That’s according to the head of MB’s truck project, former AMG boss Volker Mornhinweg.

“We are not going to develop a fat cowboy truck for North America. After all, the big three – Ford, GM/GMC and Ram – already own about 90 percent of that market which typically absorbs in excess of two million units per year,” Mornhinweg told Car. “In this cutthroat environment, newcomers like us would invariably fight an arduous uphill battle. That’s why our focus is on a smaller and lighter pick-up truck which is already perceived as premium product in South America, Africa and the Middle East.”

Source: autoblog

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