No One Will Loot Money Under My Watch – Buhari


President-elect Muhammadu Buhari yesterday vowed to make judicious use of the nation’s resources, declaring that he will neither embezzle nor allow anyone to embezzle the country’s resources.

Buhari, who made the statement during a town hall meeting yesterday in Yola, said he would give priority attention to fighting corruption, insecurity and enhancing educational development, noting that most of the social ills bedevilling the country could be traced to dearth of education.

He decried the high level of corruption in the country which he blamed for the years of decay that led to massive unemployment, and asserted that, to address the situation, he would invest massively in agriculture and exploit the mineral resources sector in order to create employment.

Buhari noted that for Nigeria to get out of the woods, the people must persevere in nation building, adding that in the face of the massive decay in the system, tackling Nigeria’s problems would be a daunting task.

He also stated that the country was endowed with human and natural resources ‘’but unfortunately the resources were mismanaged and squandered, leading to the present situation in the land”.

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Buhari, however, noted that with the support, sacrifice and resolve of Nigerians to effect change, the country will be the better for all.

He reiterated his promise that in the course of running his government, he would not favour or discriminate against anyone, but ensure that Nigeria’s resources are fairly and judiciously distributed across every nook and cranny of the land.

’We will run a transparent government and in doing so I will not favour my family,’’ he said.

The president-elect thanked Nigerians for casting their votes for his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the last presidential and National Assembly polls.

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