Sausage Song that got American Kids rapping about (Video)

This so called Sausage Song is got thousands of American Kids rapping about crazy, the song is vulgar but got lots of humour towards it. If this is the dirty things they talking about, then we don’t have much hope in this generation..


Err’body say “Sausage”
Eggs, bacon, grits, SAUSAGE!
Tell that bitch come here, lick my SAUSAGE!
Pull up in IHOP ordering SAUSAGE!
Need a pancake with your motherfuckin’ SAUSAGE!
Gimme that shit I need some SAUSAGE!
Lick my dick that shit a SAUSAGE!
My shit brown like a motherfuckin’ SAUSAGE!
Go head, get head, eat some SAUSAGE!
I like pancakes and I like SAUSAGE!
And I like pancakes and I like SAUSAGE!
Waffles good but I like SAUSAGE!
I eat eggs but give me some SAUSAGE!

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