Open Letter To President Goodluck: I Am Proud Of You! by Salawu Olatidoye


Salawu Ahmed Olatidoye, from Lagos State University,  reveals what makes him be proud of President Jonathan.

Dear President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan! Starting from March 28, I, other reasonable Nigerians and international observers had feared that this election would mar Nigeria. Reasons included the fact that no African sitting president has ever lost election, the threat from your kinsmen in Niger Delta, and the prediction that Nigeria would disintegrate in 2015.
However, you have proved every doubting Thomas wrong. You have kept one of your numerous promises: you’ve given Nigerians a free and fair election at the expense of your ambition and expectations of your supporters.

Dear Goodluck:
i. Unlike Charles Taylor, you believe your country (Nigeria) is greater than you, so you have admitted defeat without war.

ii. Unlike Gbagbo, you have conceded and you are ready to inaugurate a new government headed by your opponent.

iii. Unlike Robert Mugabe, you haven’t manipulated election to keep you in office.

iv. Unlike Mahmud Ghadaffi, you believe the people have the right to choose their leader.

v. Unlike Hosni Mubarak, you’ve refuse to use the security forces against your people.

vi. Unlike Babangida, you are not ready to set up interim government because you’ve lost peoples’ confidence and acceptance.

vii. Unlike Abacha, you don’t consider Aso Rock your father’s house, so you are not going to die for it.

viii. Unlike Obasanjo, you’ve appointed a free and unbiased umpire as the chairman of INEC (Jega against Iwu).

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ix. Unlike Aregbesola, you’ve never believed in violent polls, so you haven’t asked your supporters to go to polling booths with charms and ammunition.

x. Unlike Shagari, you would never hand over to a military president, so you’ve conducted a transparent election.

xi. Unlike Obasanjo, you don’t believe election is a “do or die” affair, rather, you believe that “one’s ambition worth the blood of nobody”.

xii. Unlike many Nigeria’s politicians, you’ve openly accepted defeat and don’t blame INEC for your loss.

xiii. Unlike many African presidents, you’ve become the first sitting African president to conduct election which you’ve lost.

I’m more than proud of you. After Nelson Mandela in South Africa, you are the new god of democracy in Africa. Your open acceptance of the results and congratulating of your opponent have opened a new democratic chapter for Nigeria and Africa in whole. I do hereby recommend you for Nobel Laurel Prize for Peace and Leadership, the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Leadership and every other available award for a true statesman and true democrat.

As you bow out of office come May 29, may you bow into peace, happiness, wealth, good health, prosperity, and long life.

Source: Naij


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  1. Salawu, this is the bitter truth. We should be proud of the president.
    Thank you sir for the write up.

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