Nigerian Election – 15 things to avoid or else you get arrested.

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The Nigerian Police Force have released 15 offences that can get you arrested ahead of the election this coming Saturday 26 March 2015.

The spokesman for the Police Force Emmanuel Ojukwu said the Nigerian Police would arrest and prosecute anyone who violates 15 electoral offences on election days. They warn voters and stakeholders to avoid these offences.

Here are the 15 ‘do-not-commit’ offences;
1. The casting of vote twice or more.
2. Announcing false election result.
3. Stopping other persons from voting.
4. Revealing information on a ballot paper of another person.
5. Being in possession of another person’s voter card.
6. Disorderly behaviour at polling units.
7. Canvassing for votes.
8. Shouting slogans of a political party.
9. Wielding guns, sticks, stones or other dangerous weapons at polling units.
10. Loitering or walking about at a poling unit.
11. Making use of siren.
12. Snatching or destroying ballot boxes or card readers.
13. Holding public meetings during election hours on Election Day,
14. Wearing or carrying badge or poster of a political party.
15. Inflicting or threatening to inflict injury on any person or persons at a polling unit.

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