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1. My Dear Igbos….. It is not 2PAC CHARCOAL,He is called 2PAC SHAKUR!!!’

2. My Dear Calabars…..It is not WHEEL BIRO,it is called WHEEL BARROW.

3. My Dear Yorubas…..It is not TOOTHPASTE IDIBIA,He is called 2FACE IDIBIA; Also its not HINDOMIE and HEGG,its Indomie and Egg.

4. My Dear Hausas……It is not BROWN NU DAY, it is called BRAND NEW DAY.

5. My Hausa friends,it is not SWIMMING FOOL, it is called SWIMMING POOL.

6. My Dear Ijebu friends…It is not ARROW KELLY, He is R KELLY.

7. My dear Hausas, please it is not pipty naira,it is fifty naira.

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8. My dear Phonetics friend,it is not GUARD, it is GOD.

9. My dear Hausa people, it is not ANIMAL CALLING, it is called ANNIE MACAULEY.

10. My Dear Awka folks, it is not LED LUG. it is called RED RUG.

11. Dear IMT Girls Enugu, it’s not “evy Lain” it is called “Heavy Rain”.

12. My Dear Ibadan People , it is Thousand not TASAN.


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