Ruth Kadiri’s Birthday is today and she shares her appreciation (Photo)

ruth kadiri

Ruth Kadiri, the Nollywood actress is a year older today and she shared on Instagram her appreciation for those that that have contributed to her life.

Happy birthday girl, enjoy your day..

Read what she wrote below:

My life has followed a path, I’ve lived, loved, hurt cried and achieved. Truth is a Ruth KADIRI’s story wether positive or negative couldn’t have been told without certain people in my life.

1. God, truth is he’s been faithful. In my imperfection hes loved me.

2. My mum words cannot express the all what you have been through for me.

3. My dad. Notice I separated it? It’s been tipsy turvy, but he’s still been there and am celebrating this birthday with him.

4 my boyfriend supported my career, overlooked all the gossips and shown me defination of love.

5. Mama Amenawon my prayer partner. Without u, I wonder where I would have been spiritually.

6. Uche Jombo. Because of u, I can proudly say I’m a filmmaker and every time I have troubles and call u, u’ve never let me down.

7. SarahKadiri, u where dere when I was nuttin and ure still here? How amazing can that be?

8 Chika. Ure amazing show me a friend who can put up with ur bullshits and keep ur secrets, I’ll show u Chika.

9. My fans you all have supported me and am etenernally greatful.

10.( my betrayers) to all those friends I showed love who turned out to betray me, I have no regret ever meeting you. And I bless God that I am still here today. Hbd to me and tank you all.


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