How to Lose Thigh Weight?


Q: I know that you can’t lose weight on a specific body part you want, but are there any exercises that can help you? Does anyone know the quickest way to lose weight on thighs?


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The art of losing weight can only be achieved with proper exercise in combination with a healthy diet. To lose weight on your thighs, you will need to look for exercises that strain muscles in these areas as well as in other body parts. The body loses weight through a process referred to as ketosis in which fats are converted in to usable energy. This process takes place all over your body and not just in specific places such as your thighs. That means you will have to workout your entire body for maximum effect to take place. Some of most effective and exercises that burn a lot of calories include biking, running, brisk walks and swimming.

Thigh Workouts
If your thighs are a little less toned than you would wish, do some exercises that will convert the extra fat in to muscles. Try different squats like putting your legs shoulder-width apart and then lowering your bum on a flat surface until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Balance in this position before pushing up. You can also try out lunges with moderate weights on either hand. Lunge forward with one leg while bringing the opposite knee slightly above the ground. Step back and do the same with the other leg. Repeat this process for a number of times to strengthen your inner thighs. Engage in a hip extension by kneeling on a soft surface with elbows bent down on the floor. Lift one leg and carefully extend it behind your back. Repeat this couple of times alternating both legs.
Enjoy Beauty Rest
By engaging in such workouts, you will feel exhausted and worn out which is a good sign that some calories are getting burnt. Through adequate sleep, you are on the right track in shedding that extra weight around your thighs. Lack of adequate sleep causes your body to secret ghrelin hormones which in turn lowers leptin hormone levels. Leptin stimulates a feeling of being satisfied while ghrelin increases your appetite. Put in a different way, lack of good sleep will result to increased craving for something to eat contrary to the efforts being applied to reduce your daily intake.

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Reduce Sugar Intakes
The craving for sugary foods and drinks are the greatest setbacks in weight loss. Although majorities are tempting, you have to get rid of them to meet your goals. Avoid sodas, energy drinks, and juices and instead take plenty of water. Water is cheap, readily available and has many health benefits. It helps in flushing out toxins, facilitate metabolism, and provides a moist environment essential for burning calories in different body parts including your thighs. Health experts recommend a daily water intake of roughly 8 glasses. Consume green tea which has essential anti-oxidant features from polyphenols ingredients that protect cells from free radicals.

Low Calorie Diet
There revolves a theory that overweight individuals consume lots of carbs. Increased levels of carbohydrates compel the body to release insulin. In controlling the rising levels of insulin in your system, the body produces glucose which is converted in to fat for storage over your entire body including thighs. By controlling the amount of carbs consumed daily, your target is not to completely eliminate them as your body still requires them for energy production. Limit yourself to around 20% of carbs per every sitting. Try unprocessed products such as white meat including fish, chicken, pork, and turkey. Use artificial non-sugary sweeteners like Splenda and Stevia. Avoid white bread, cakes, pastries, or margarines.

To lose weight in your thighs requires workouts that target every part of your body. The exercises oriented to muscular improvement around your hips and thighs are worth the whole course. While you exercise the entire body, there are little chances of fats being deposited in some areas over your body. These will also help to alleviate the possibilities of a disproportionate figure.

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