Another Laugh – Annoying Son

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Father: Son can you please go buy me a soft drink?
Son: Coke or fanta?
Father: Coke.
son: diet or regular?
Father: Regular
Son: Bottle or can?
Father: Bottle
Son: 500ml or 300ml
Father: Damn it!! Just buy me water!!
Son: Natural or mineral?
Father: Mineral
Son: Hot or cold?
Father: I’m gonna strike you with a broom you idiot
Son: Hard broom or soft broom?
Father: Stop this you little animal
Son: Cow or pig?
Father: Get the hell out of here you bastard!
Son: Now or later?
Father: Now!!!
Son: So you gonna throw me out or not?
Father: I’m gonna kill you!!
Son: With a gun or a knife??
Father: I’m gonna shoot you little bastard!!
Son: In the head or stomach?
Father: You pest!
Son: Cockroach or locust?
Father: (faints)
Son: Are you dead or sleeping?

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