17kg Tumour Removed From A Woman


An Indian Woman has had one of the world’s largest tumours removed from her abdomen.

Nunwati Devi, 30, carried the 17kg tumour (which is the same weight as an average four-year-old child) for nine months as it continued to grow, causing her so much pain that she at times contemplated suicide, according to metro.


Doctors were able to remove it after an 8 hour operation.

Following the operation, Nunwati’s husband Umesh said she is the ‘happiest person on earth’.

He added: ‘My wife just wanted to get rid of this thing.

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‘She told me, “I don’t want to die due to this. I will take poison, I will commit suicide at a railway track but I won’t die because of this.”‘

Physicians at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIM), where the operation was performed, are still stunned at the sheer size of the tumour.

Doctor M.D Ray, from the hospital’s Surgical Oncology department, said: “I have never seen a tumour of this size in my career.”


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