The Shooting of Homeless Man In The US By Police – The Update

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Please read here on the update of the homeless man who was shot dead by the LAPD Police, in Los Angeles.  His Friends called him Africa.

Excerpts from Latimes:

A man who identified himself as Juju said he was friends with Africa, whom he also sometimes called Cameroon, after the country that Africa said was his home. Juju recalled the man’s frequent run-ins with police, who often ordered him to take down his tent.

“He would say, ‘Ticket me. Give me my day in court,’ ” Juju said.

He was a peaceful man, Juju said. Once, when Juju’s tent was stolen, Africa lent him blankets and made sure he had food.

“He was generous,” Juju said. “He lived in a tent, but he was content.”


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Very sad situation.

Africa, May your soul rest.

rest in peace

rest in peace 1

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