Lioness Oyinbo : The Blind Afro-beat songstress


Lynn “Lioness Oyinbo” is a Norwegian but found her way into Nigerian music industry because of her love for Afrobeat.

She is a blogger, journalist, fiction writer and singer whose blind from birth due to a detached optic nerve

“I’m blind from birth due to a detached optic nerve and I’m surprised at how little regular people know about the world of the blind. It’s really quite similar to the world of the sighted. I’ve never seen, but that’s what I imagine. And I think it’s important that people learn that we are fully independent and participating on all levels of society. And that we’re just as capable as anyone else”.

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Lynn recently recorded a duet with Nigerian born singer Lace on ‘Let Go Party’ which has been enjoying massive listening across the music channel.

She said “My first single Let’s go party is out! I can’t quite believe it’s happened. But it’s on music blogs all over Nigeria, even Ghana and people have been sharing my video from Norway to England to Australia. It will soon be available on iTunes and other digital platforms, but I’ll announce that when it happens.”

check out the video:


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