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Humor: Video of the day… lol

Ever wondered what real heartbreak looks/feels like? Well, here it is ???? ” "@GalacticoHD: Ever wondered

Funny Video!! If someone from Nigeria is a Nigerian – What is someone from Burkina Faso called? (Watch)

I swear some people are verified olodo.. han han These olodo people just wan kill us

So hilarious: Man staring at a woman on the street ends up on the floor… See how it happened (Video)

A video has shown the moment a man ended up on the floor while staring at

Awkward couples you would ever see (Photos)… lol

Sometimes when two people meet, they fall in love and stay together regardless of what some

So True! Do you agree?

6-yr-old girl gives her divorcing parents advice, tells them how to behave towards each other (Video)

A 6 year old girl gives her mom a wake up call, a lesson of life

Chris Brown shares cute identical photos with his daughter

R&B singer, Chris Brown, shared this sweet collection of his photos next to his daughter’s, Royalty.

When you wish you were Famous – Another Laugh

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Quickest Divorce In History – Another Laugh (Photo)

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Poor Girl Pees on herself during Live Interview (Watch Video)

Greenville MS Reporter interviewing a girl and the poor girl pees herself on live TV, Watch

Look at this Guy (Photo) – Another Laugh

Men taking over women, Ladies this is serious competition.. See also: Know your limits (Photo)

Know Your Limits – Another Laugh (Photo)

Don’t be a copy cat, know your limits.. See also: Nigeria Election – Another Laugh

Young Girl Takes Advice – Another Laugh

A young girl about to go on a 1st date with her boyfriend was been tutored