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Hajj: Lagos awarded best performing state of 2016

The Lagos State Government on Friday received seven awards from the National Hajj Commission for being

Unbelievable: See the old motorcycle that is being worshiped as a deity in India (Video)

In the Indian state of Rajasthan, some 50 km from the city of Jodhpur, along National

Archaeologists find tower made from hundreds of human skulls in Mexico (Photo)

According to a Metro UK report, some archaeologists in Mexico have found a creepy tower made

Suites of love: Inside the sex hotel where horny couples get passionate inside themed rooms (Photos & video)

Hotels are synonymous with hanky panky, but this Colombian Chateau has taken things a step further.

Going for holidays? Checkout 5 things you should never post on social media afterwards

The holidays represent a time to relax and keep off from work. It is also a

Shocking! See moment dog is boiled alive in china according to tradition (Video)

This is the disturbing moment a dog was boiled alive by laughing villagers in China, according

Revealed: This is the most dangerous thing you can do on a plane… and you’re probably guilty of it

Flying can often be a tedious process – but think how it is for the flight

Want to travel? Be careful, these are common reasons why visa applications get rejected

What makes an Embassy or Consulate reject providing you with a Schengen Visa? This is the

Sun, Sea, Girls and Threesomes: The X-rated secret sex resort that ‘fulfills wildest fantasies’ (Video)

A secret s*x resort which has only just recently been unveiled, has left many men on

Globe-trotting couple quit jobs and travel round the world

An adventurous couple fed up with the daily grind are now living the dream after quitting

Lagos named among the most expensive cities in the world

The Angolan capital Luanda has knocked Hong Kong off the top spot in an annual survey

10 most industrialized states in Nigeria

This is the list of the 10 most industrialized states in Nigeria……. in order of hierarchy…

Mali terrorist attack: Security forces battle gunmen at Le Campement resort near Bamako

A terror attack is underway at a luxury resort frequented by tourists in Mali. Security forces

Village bans tourists from taking photos of beautiful environment… You won’t believe the weird reason why

The authorities of a mountainous village in Switzerland have banned tourists from taking photos because the

Boxing Champion, Anthony Joshua to visit Nigeria In August

It has been revealed that Anthony Joshua, the World Boxing heavyweight champion, is set to visit

Massive Fish Caught in Uganda, More Expensive than the New IPhone 7 (Photos)

There is an ongoing heated debate online concerning the “outrageous” price of a massive fish was

Wuraola Ogwunsi plays a ‘Beyonce’ on Ooni of Ife

Zoom in to see Olori Wuraola pulling a Beyoncé on her husband, the Ooni of Ife,

Ibadan misconception disproved

  Ibadan Misconception Disproved The perception Nigerians have about the city and people from Ibadan is