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Tour. Learn. and Unwind. in Calabar

Tour. Learn. and Unwind. in Calabar The first thing that readily comes to mind at the

TV Host, Nancy Isime Carries A Snake Round Her Neck At ‘Snake Temple’

TV-Host and actress Nancy isime carries a snake round her neck as she visits ‘Snake Temple’.

BREAKING: 3 APC chairmen die in Saudi Arabia road accident

Reports reaching us from Saudi Arabia have it that no fewer than three local government chairmen

Couple Bikes Through ISIS Territory To Prove ‘humans Are Kind’ But They Get Killed (Photo)

A young American couple was killed by ISIS last month while on a cycling trip around

Things to do to avoid flight delay

Things To Do To Avoid Flight Delay If you fly even a few times a year,

Items to disinfect in your hotel room

Items To Disinfect In Your Hotel Room Hotels are meant for public use. The rooms are

5 Things Most Nigerians Do On Vacation Abroad

Nigerians travel a lot. That’s a given. However, they all seemingly engage in the same set

The most important things to look for when booking a hotel room

The Most Important Things To Look For When Booking A Hotel Room Staying at a good

Important travel hacks for the elderly

Important Travel Hacks for The Elderly There is no age limit to travel. While getting older

How to reduce the risk of food poisoning

How To Reduce The Risk of Food Poisoning One of the most important parts of a

PHOTO: Female Tourist Goes Out To Buy Food Without Panties!

A woman believed to be a British tourist has been seen ordering a burger with her

Nigerian Man Visits British Museum, Spots Stolen Benin Kingdom Artifacts (Photos)

A Nigerian man visited the British Museum to request that the Benin kingdom artifacts which were

See the big fish caught in a fishing festival in Jigawa (Photos)

The Jigawa state annual fishing festival was conducted today at Kalgwai village in Auyo local government

Check Out This Tribe That Allows The Bride’s Aunt To Sleep With Groom Before Marriage To Check If His D*ick Is Working Perfectly

Africa is a large continent, blessed with many tribes and cultures, from the zulu’s, to the

Biggest travel myths busted

Biggest Travel Myths Busted Talking about your travel plans and aspirations with others often generate so

Best ways to plan the perfect road trip

Best Ways To Plan The Perfect Road Trip Going on a road trip gives you that

NCAA places local airlines under close surveillance to forestall accidents

Indigenous-owned airline flying local routes in Nigeria have been placed under strict surveillance to forestall any

Things to look for when booking a Nigerian hotel

Things To Look For When Booking A Nigerian Hotel While searching a Nigerian hotel, you have