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Humor: Some funny videos on Twitter

Here are some funny videos on Twitter this morning. Enjoy and share. Thank you "@SIySP0RTSNewsHQ: That's

Some amazing videos on Twitter Today

Some amazing videos on Twitter today. Enjoy and share. Thank you "@arceetwins: Show this video to

Emmanuella Samuel: Comedienne featured on CNN as she hits 1million subscribers

Kid comedian, Emmanuella Samuel recently hit one million subscribers on her YouTube channel and CNN couldn’t

Some funny videos on Twitter

Some funny videos on Twittter this morning… lol.. Enjoy and kindly share. Thank you ??? When

Humor: Some funny videos on Twitter today

Some funny videos on twitter today. lol.. Dont laugh alone, kindly share. Thank you. Here are

Some funny tweets and videos on Twitter this morning… lol..

Some funny tweets and videos trending this morning on Twitter…. lol Don’t laugh alone, kindly share..

Disgruntled bank customer bring ‘female strippers’ to Banking Hall (Photos)… lol

A fed-up bank customer brought two strippers to his local branch in a bizarre attempt to

Humor: Nigeria Vs New Zealand: How they responded when whale were washed ashore(Photos)

The images show the difference between how Nigerians react to washed up sea animals and how

Hilarious: 9 signs your village people don’t want you to have a girlfriend… lol

9 signs to know your village people are pursuing you. Very hilarious signs.. lol.. lmao 1.

Hilarious poster of Presidential candidate seen in Benue State. (Photo)

As time ticking down to the 2019 Presidential elections, some individuals have started showing their interests

See the controversial campaign poster of an Anambra Guber aspirant that got people talking

His Royal Majesty, Igwe Chuma Anjus Ojukwu who is running for a gubernatorial post in Anambra

How to spot a liar

You might be shocked to learn that more than 80 percent of lies go undetected. However,

6 Funny things only girls who hate rocking jeans can understand

6 Funny Things Only Girls Who Hate Rocking Jeans Can Understand The dramatic question is are

Check out efcc’s statement on Dammy Krane’s theft saga

Whoever is behind EFCC’s social media page is savage.So witty!

6 Places you should never toast a Nigerian girl

6 Places You Should Never Toast a Nigerian Girl Some Nigerian guys tend to toast (woo) any girl

5 reasons why taking selfies can be good for you

5 Reasons Why Taking Selfies Can Be Good For You Taking selfie is widely popular today,

Hilarious reasons why Nigerians eat meat last

Hilarious reasons why Nigerians Eat Meat Last You must have observed at the restaurant that many Nigerians eat

7 Smart ways to check if an image is real or photoshopped

7 Smart Ways To Check If An Image Is Real or Photoshopped There are thousands of