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Ghanaian Man Deliberately Infects His Two Girlfriends With HIV

Both women, who cannot be identified for legal reasons and were referred to as Miss A

Six Proven Underwear Tips For Women

Six Proven Underwear Tips For Women Underwear plays an important role in the life of the

Sure Tricks That Make Long Flights Bearable

Sure Tricks That Make Long Flights Bearable   Sitting still on a jet for an 11,

Check Out 3 Natural Steps To Whiten Your Teeth

HERE are multiple factors that cause teeth to become dull and lose their bright sparkle. Certain

Five Vitamin Rich Foods That Are Good For Your Eyes

Five Vitamin Rich Foods That Are Good For Your Eyes Your eyes are the window to

WOW!!! See Amazing Transformation Of A Nigerian Who Was Sick For 9 Years (Photos)

A man from Enugu,Newman,took to Facebook to share photos of his amazing transformation after being ill

Chinese Man Gets Stung In His Manhood By Stingray While Swimming (Pics)

A man’s day at the beach in the Hainan resort city of Sanya, China, was spoilt,

1,086 Young Nigerians Confirmed HIV Positive In Nasarawa

Several teenagers in the north-central part of Nigeria, Nasarawa State have shockingly tested positive to HIV/AIDS.

SAD!! ‘Death Has Come’- Beautiful BBC reporter Rachael Bland says as she is diagnosed with Cancer, has days to live

BBC news presenter Rachael Bland has revealed she only has days left to live having been

‘Late Marriage Will Affect Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant’ – Fertility Expert

Dr Babatunde Okewale, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (O&G) and a fertility expert is the Chairman and

Your Husband Has Right To Do Whatever He Wants With Your Body – Female Doctor

Few days ago, a Nigerian doctor via his twitter handle, shared the story of how a

Doctor Removes Huge Fibroid, Warns Nigerian Women. (Graphic Photos)

A Nigerian doctor has issued warning to women concerning undergoing medical checkup for fibroid following recent

10 Surprisingly Common Ways People Die In Their Sleep

Next to eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise, getting adequate sleep is a staple

Watch how a new born baby was rescued from a drainage in India (Video)

A new born baby was rescued in India after his mum threw him away. The disturbing

Man Sneaks Into Hospital Ward To Make Love With Sick Wife

A Zimbabwean man has landed himself into trouble after sneaking into hospital ward to make love

10 Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

Health Benefits of Cashew. Cashew Nuts may fight heart disease. Cashew Nuts may lower high blood

White Man Vows To Spread HIV To Ladies In Lagos – Twitter User Says

A white man who was infected with HIV by another lady, promised to spread it to

Watermelon And It’s Health Benefits

Today I am sharing about watermelon, alot of foods and fruits are relatively fun to munch