WAEC Introduced Attestation Of Results In 2015 (See Tweets)

Below is a tweet by WAEC about issuing Attestation of results for MISSING or LOST certificates.

On the debate about issuing Buhari an attestation of result;

1.It is on record that the military claimed not to have Buhari’s certificate in 2015.

  1. It is on record the military claimed to have lost the certificate just few days ago.

Either of this claims is a VALID reason to be issued anattestation, provided there is a record that Buhari sat for the exams. Going by both statements issued by the military, it is Evident that the certificate is either MISSING or LOST

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What is required by Law in Nigeria is an affidavit to be sworn to that effect.

Is there an affidavit? Yes there is one…

If ordinary citizens like you and I can get an attestation for a missing certificate….

Why cant the president get one?

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