Nigeria Girls Now Advertise Their “Prostitution” Business On Social Media Pages (Photos)

Do these girls in any way have parents, especially mothers at all?Huh? Is it even a terrible joke?Huh??? Imagine the shock to the system when we came across their above adverts, in fact, some even left their numbers for contact!!!! Is this the so-called “signs of the times”? Or is it one of those fads, those things that come in Vogue and afterward blows over?Huh?

How can young girls or should we say young, highly impressionable demons of seductions just go on rampage like this??? To be tagged a wanton, a loose girl or overly available is what many ladies, women, young girls do not ever want for themselves no matter how much they love to be bedded or how much they enjoy the game, but to now begin to boasts so openly and so outrightly, especially on platforms that have very huge audiences/followership and that could even get to members of your family etc and not caring about the repercussions, takes the cake and says a lot about the people and what the society is gradually becoming or turning to. Imagine a young lady saying she owes no one no tight pus$&? Another even claim that she is an Olosho, a street slang for a prostitute. Another one says that she can f#@k anything!!!! One claims that bedmatics is her hobby and was game for 3 some for as low as N5000!!! Imagine the names they even gave themselves– Surulere, Ikorodu, Ketu Pus$¥!!! Then another called herself iCloud Pus$¥!!! One says she can do (fu€¥) anyone doable, even her own dad.

Imagine our total shock and utter disbelief when we truly tried the contact nos on the post and the number actually existed and the name actually came out as Nofisat Olobo iCloud truly!!!!!

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