“Olisa Adibua will charge you in dollars to play your song” – Lil Kesh’s former manager reveals

Lil Kesh‘s former manager, Wale Applause, has just released a ‘tell all’ article where he revealed shocking details of how artist managers suffer and how Olamide sacked him for going on a twitter rant. (READ HERE)

He also called out Beat FM OAPs Olisa Adibua and Osi;

As a rookie manager back in the days, Osi was a rookie OAP too, i like to work with people like that because in my head we trying to help each other grow, i thought wrong. Back when Osi used to be the errand boy in Beat fm before the advent of twitter which made him a pseudo celebrity. He was on the midnight show and back then i paid him good money.

I cannot specifically remember the amount, but i am sure it was good money because YES i used to throw money around, ask about me. I would always have to stay awake at midnight to listen in to his show,he would not play my music.

I would call, he picks when he likes then i will beg him to play my music, at least i paid for it. Sometimes he played, but at a time when we both know most human beings are sleeping, i wonder who he was playing for. This was a time Beat Fm was the Alpha and Omega of radio. Another person you do not need in your corner is Olisa of Beat fm, he most likely will charge you in dollars.

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In short as an artiste manager, throw Beat Fm and all the OAPs away, you do not need them. Forget what you been told. They never played lil Kesh’s shoki and Oritshefemi’s Double wahala until they became monster hits.

On how musicians doctor Youtube numbers, he said;

Do not be fooled, we all doctor numbers, Youtube, Soundcloud. The way we do it is the difference. While some buy virtual views, some of us buy real view which wouldn’t amount to fans, but we need the numbers, viewers will not watch a video with 18 views.

What we do is advertise the link, it gets published on Asian sites, you know the population in Asia,YES that’s what we all do, forget about the congratulatory artworks about millions of views. Yes they are real views but they do not amount to your fan base, indeed you need the numbers.

Think i am lyinh check www.pushpowerpromo.com. That is where most of your music distributors go, there are others though but this is very effective, cheap, real views and accept Nigerian cards.

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You don’t need DJ Spinall;

If you work with him, you would hate yourself. Forget the hype, when you blow, he will come kissing your as$. He is usually like that. only a good person on social media also if and when you are a celebrity/ As an artiste manager and new artiste, avoid Dj Spinall like a plague.

Dj Consequence, Dj Ruud, Dj Debby, Dj Factor, Dj Prince, Dj Spicy there are a few of the uptown djs you need, but you would not go empty handed. Anything less than 100k and you will be wasting your time and money.

You can do 100k and above, you are in good hands. One Uptown Dj that will always stand out for me is Dj Neptune. Look for him, become his friend, make him like you and you good.

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