Guy excited after a girl he met online sends him 5k for Ice cream (See Screenshots)

Over excited Nigerian guy revealed how a girl he just met sent him N5k for ice cream.

See his post;

So SDZ we actually have some good Nigerian girls that are still existing o. I was shocked to my bone, it’s not actually long I met this girl and we started talking and all as friends. So i jokingly told her I’m craving for ice cream and babe offered to spend me money for it, lol it was very weird to me as in really surprise. I have dated several Nigerian babes, made friends with lots but haven’t come across such like this. I thought she was joking, so I sent in my details, she sent in 5k, called me if i have seen it and asked me to enjoy myself since she can’t make it out with me. Hmm. Omo guys make una leave these twitter beggars and greedy standard setting poverty infested parasites with filter and keyboard oh. Real babes dey outside this app. Anon

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