“Breast are baby milk vending machines, men who find breast as sexual organs need psychological help” – Health educator

A Health Educator identified as Alyaa Gad, took to her Twitter page to reveal the psychological challenge men who find bosom as sexual organs are facing.
According to the Swiss-based health educator, men who find bosom as sexual organs need psychological help as the bosom are just milk vending machines.

“bosom are baby milk vending machines. Adult men who find bosom as sexual organs need psychological help.” she tweeted.

However, a report on Elite Daily alleges that if we’re surrounded by bosom , we’re surrounded by sex. It further claimed that Western societies, however, have such a narrow-minded view of sex that we are only able to attribute “Bosom s” to “sexual objectification.”

Several months ago, there was a very interesting Reddit AMA featuring an anthropologist who was asked if there’s any society that does not sexualize Bosom s. The anthropologist challenged users to define what they meant by “sexualize”,:

Usually we talk about sexualize and sexualization as what happens when you take an act, person, demographic, body part, etc. and turn it into an objectified focus of sexual desire. The personhood and agency is removed in this process. It is usually seen as detrimental to the person who is being sexualized or at least potentially damaging.

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