6 Ways Of Rebuilding Trust In Your Marriage After It’s Been Broken

Make a decision to love by trying to let go of the past.The trust between a husband and wife is severely damaged by such deep betrayals. However ,this does not mean that the marriage isn’t salvageable. Rebuilding trust in your marriage or relationship can be challenging when your spouse has done something significant to breach your trust.Trust in a marriage is about feeling safe with another person ,when something happens to cause one ,or both of you to feel unsafe with each other due to a one time event or series of events ,trust is eroded.It takes much time and effort to re-establish the sense of safety you need for a marriage to thrive.Below are few contributions and hep for rebuilding trust in your marriage.

1.Make a decision to love by trying to let go of the past.Stop obsessing about the situation which broke the trust between you and your spouse.

2.Be honest .You must be able to understand and state why the bad behavior occurred. You can’t just say ”I don’t know”. You must work to hard to know why it happened and why it will not happen again.

3.If you are the one in your marriage who lied,cheated, etc show that errant behaviors .That means no more secrets ,lies infidelity etc ,you must be completely transparent, open and forthcoming.

4.When this problem arises,all you need is time ,patience,honesty,commitment, love and forgiveness, don’t treat problem with anger .At times problem of this matter will be solved by going on your kneel asking God to intervene in your case and him to restore peace ,trust and love back in your marriage where it have broken .

5.Be aware of your innermost feelings and share your feelings with one another ,you can comfort each other regardless of who the victim or perpetrator is.

6.Learn how to forget the past ,and focus on the future,when your spouse did something that you don’t want ,don’t recall the past ones he or she did wrong because remembering the past will make you not to trust again.

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