LOL!!! Nigerian Couple Absent At Their Wedding; Represented By Pillows (Photos)

As narrated by a Lagosian who attended a wedding that had the bride and groom in absentia…

Read below;

“Lagosians” won’t cease to amaze me I was invited to a wedding ceremony today, wore my starched agbada ( yes, that same agbada that I’ve been wearing for months), farabale polished my shoe, wore a nice perfume thinking I’m going to a proper wedding”

Then the “Alaga Ijoko and Iduro” invited the bride and the groom to come forward. Me I’ve sharply set my camera to capture the moment, set the iSO and aperture to the desired settings. Gave myself the perfect distance and I was ready to make a mad couple entrance then

Then I saw a man and a lady carrying 2 printed pillows and I was there asking my friend, “where’s the bride ? Where’s the groom ?”
Then she said, they’re not in Nigeria, the wedding was organized for them

So I came here because of pillow, they rented a 5 star hall with over 200 people in attendance bcos of printed pictures.

So the cow that was slaughtered was because of aworan. The poor pillow has been made to prostrate serval time. I’ve kept my camera I’m waiting for the “You May kiss the bride” time

The pillow will be made to kiss each other ? Ah, weerey ni gbogbo wa ni Eko

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