Horrifying Moment A Child Fights For Her Life In A Pool As Mum Is Busy With Phone (Video)

A Toddler girl was left fighting for her life after she nearly drowned in a swimming pool while her mum was distracted by her phone.

Distressing footage showed her mother was so glued to her mobile she ignored calls from a panicked young boy swimming nearby.

The one-year-old had flipped over the float and struggled to breathe as her mother turned her back to look at her phone.

About 90 seconds later, mother Ms Wu was shocked to see her daughter drowning and rushed over to pull her out the water with pool staff.

She was taken to hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest and was left fighting for her life in a coma.

The incident took place at “Beibeilamu” infant swimming pool at Fuzhou city in Fujian Province on July 31, according to NTDTV.

The young mother took her daughter, Xiao Ai, for a swim for her first birthday celebration.

CCTV footage captured Xiao Ai flipped upside down, slipped out of the float and struggled in the water just a few feet from her clueless mother.

A boy noticed Xiao Ai was drowning and tried to save her but she had already sunk to the bottom of the pool.

So he quickly swam towards the edge of the swimming pool and attempted to alert the mother.

But Ms Wu brushed him away and carried on checking her mobile phone.

According to the report, Xiao Ai’s face turned purple. She had no pulse and breathing either.

About 90 seconds later, Ms Wu was shocked to see her daughter drowning in the water when she turned back and talked to the boy.

Swimming pool staff rushed to the scene but no one can be seen performing first aid to the girl.

Ms Wu took her daughter and rushed to nearby hospital immediately.

The one-year-old was luckily revived after a 20-minute cardiac arrest rescue but physically unable to breathe.

Doctor Lin Shuqin said Xiao Ai has been transferred to intensive care unit with critical condition.

Safety experts often warn that drowning can be silent, with many examples showing how kids can die in packed pools without anyone noticing.

Mums and dads have therefore been urged to watch their little ones like hawks when they head into the water.

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