The Kind Of List We Give Men, Women Are Meant To Be Rolling During Wedding – Nigerian Lady

A Nigerian lady simply identified as @fetonghan on twitter, has got herself trending on the platform over her controversial post.

According to the lady, women from Imo, Cross river and Akwa Ibom state are supposed to be rolling on the floor during their traditional marriage because of the heart stopping bride price marriage list their prospective in-laws paid.

She wrote;
“Btw, if you are Imo, Kalabari, Cross river, Akwa Ibom please sit this argument out. With the list we give men, we should lie down and roll, not just kneel.”

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Bride price is a sum of money or quantity of goods given to a bride’s family by that of the groom in some tribal societies.

Before now, a Nigerian woman based in Toronto has told of how she challenged cultural norms by choosing not to kneel down for her husband during her traditional marriage, and that Nigerian men are mad about it. The gorgeous Yoruba bride said she and her husband spoke …

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