Nigerian Lady, Monalisa Calls Out Woman Who Allegedly Body-Shamed Online (Photos)

The stranger invaded into her Direct Message on the photo sharing App and made her understand even personal things she believed are wrong with her.
The aggrieved lady then took to her page to show her dissatisfaction over women trying to bring down other women.
Read her post:
So I woke up to this message and the first thing I think is, what is wrong with women? First of all, even if I had a child [which I don’t] so what? A few years back a comment like this would have probably had me crying and depressed but right now I am way passed there.
Most women have stretch marks with or without child birth, the only difference is I’m not offended by my stretch mark. I go to the gym, I work out and I’m healthy, my size doesn’t make me unhealthy, neither does my stretch marks.
Dear women, let’s learn to appreciate each other’s body and be encouraging to each other because irrespective of what size you are, we all have fought insecurities at some point! Let’s learn to help each other grow. “I’m not doing this to spite or shame her, it just hurts that this is coming from a woman”
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