Malawian Ritual killers explain to BBC how they open kids’ skull & remove their brains (Photos)

Two ritual killers have been secretly recorded offering to behead a child, crack open their skull and remove their brain to bring business success to an undercover reporter.

The gruesome offer was captured by the BBC, as they investigated a series of gruesome murders in Malawi. Victims in the area had been beheaded and had other body parts removed.

One of the men is recorded saying: “We take the head. If you want, we can break the skull and take out the brain.” The other adds: “Or we can crack the skull and pull out the tongue.”

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The man, who called himself Kamanga, explains to a hidden camera that the head and genitals are the most powerful for bringing business success.

The undercover reporters met Kamanga a second time at night, when he and an accomplice offer to kill kids and drink their blood.

After the meeting the crew and killers are surrounded by angry villagers who attack them, believing them all to be murderers. One of the team had a knife forced into his back, and a large cut made through his suit.

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The team ran and were saved by cops and a local chief, but came away with injuries from stoning. The two ritual killers also escaped, and the investigation was abandoned.

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