Actress, Chika Ike Authors A Book (Photos)

Nollywood actress and business woman Chika Ike is now an author. The beautiful graduate of Harvard university has decided to share her life experiences with her fans and people around the world.

Chika Ike wrote this on her IG page;

It took me over seven years of writing to finally publish Boss up! Seven years of documenting my thoughts, emotions, truth and events that taught me some life lessons and brought me to this point .

Three years ago before my mum passed , she was also an author and was aware of my unpublished book, she looked at me, held my hands and told me to tell my truth. I’m a very guarded person, my walls are up because life has thrown me so many curved balls, I brought down all my walls in this book , because the truth is we are on this earth to share and not just to take.

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I finally bossed up and got my book published. Boss up is one of my ways of giving back. Telling my truth isn’t so comfortable, it has been a roller coaster ride to get here. I have failed, made mistakes, trusted, had my lows and highs.

But today I stand firm, stronger than ever and living my best life. Boss up is a 41 chapter book, which cover most of the obstacles we encounter in life , fear , convention, betrayal , love , self esteem and money . Some are internal existing in our minds and some are external found in other people’s attitudes. It will give you a guide to conquering such obstacles and living your best life.

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You asked and I answered, all my tips and tricks on how I became this successful are in this book. A girl who had nothing but just her dreams, now a successful Filmmaker, a Harvard trained business woman, philanthropist and passionate about empowering people. I remember the days I struggled to pay rent, now I don’t just live in my dream home but I also develop and rent out properties and my list is endless. So dip in with both feet and enjoy the book.
From me to you with love .#bossup #focus #living #conquer #book

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