PHOTO: Female Tourist Goes Out To Buy Food Without Panties!

A woman believed to be a British tourist has been seen ordering a burger with her bare bum on show.

She is reported to have gone into the fast food restaurant after a night of partying. The woman is wearing a sheer top and tiny black skirt that is hitched up around her waist.

German newspaper Bild said she was filmed in the Majorcan town of Inca at 11am on Sunday.

Majorcan newspaper Ultima Hora also carried the picture, linking it to the drunken tourism the island is fighting against. The newspaper also mentioned the party resort Magaluf , which is 29 miles away from Inca.

Inca is in the centre of the island and is not a mass tourism hotspotBild claimed the woman was with with two friends and needed the burger as a hangover cure and headlined its article

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“This is how you ask for a hamburger in Majorca”. It added: “Her already tight skirt has probably slipped over her buttocks.”

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