Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha reveals how he came up with the viral “Accolades” slang

Top Nollywood star, Charles Okocha fondly referred to as Igwe tu pac has revealed how he came up with the viral “accolades” slang. The actor and rapper who is known for his funny stunts on social media, recently sat for an exclusive chat with PUNCH Newspaper explained how he successfully came up with the trend, as well as other issues of concern to most of his fans

What motivated your skit, Accolade?

Nothing actually; it was just something I came up with randomly. When I look at some people who have worked really hard and nobody ever acknowledged them, it makes me feel bad. So, I just did the video to let everyone know that hard-working people should be appreciated and acknowledged. I was surprised that it went viral but I am happy that I came up with something that a lot of people are inspired by and can also relate to.

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How did you ventured into music?

I have always been passionate about music but I haven’t just had the opportunity to explore the passion. When I was much younger, I listened to musicians like Fela, Majek Fashek and Jay Z but the acting career came along and I had to put my passion for music on hold, Now, I am ready to do music.

What led to the gun incident where you were shot by a Policeman?

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It was a case of accidental discharge. A mobile policeman saw me and was very excited; so, he shot into the air as a form of salute to appreciate my work. However, the gun fell off his hands; so I sustained multiple gunshot wounds at close range. But it was not intentional

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