Seems Dele Momodu insulted Davido in his new post (Photo)

Ovation magazine boss, Dele Momodu has given an advice to youths of nowadays who might be influenced by the showy and flamboyant lifestyle of celebrities to the point of wanting to imitate them. With the rate at which most youths are falling for riches, especially due to the way it is heavily flaunted on social media, the below post from Dele Momodu comes in handy as most of them are beginning to dislike their parents for being poor.

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Dele Momodu shared on social media:

”Simple advice to today’s youths: Greatness is a long distance journey. Its attributes include vision, dedication, tenacity, humility, hard work, staying power etc. A kid who calls his father a poor man is yet to appreciate what it takes to run a proper business, get married, have children, pay their school fees in the best and most expensive schools in the world, maintain a dignified lifestyle for decades, and so on. Stop fooling around, your dad is greater than you can ever imagine. Do not join the fake celebrities who make the loudest hype when the journey has not even started. Humble yourself, bow to the Masters, pay your dues and ask God for the wisdom of the ancient. Happy weekend…”

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